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Gekofilm is an independent production company, founded in 2002 by Emerson Gattafoni and Valeria Cagnoni,

making projects about television, music, travel, fashion, art and charity.  

The flagship of Gekofilm is the award-winning television travel series DREAMSROAD,

broadcast for 20 years on RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, RAITALIA and RAIPLAY.  

Gekofilm has a rich Broadcast Video and Photo Library of images from all over the world as well as a owned Music Library.  

Since 2007 Gekofilm has supported ROADWAY FOR OTHERS O.N.L.U.S.,

founded by Emerson Gattafoni and Valeria Cagnoni, a non-profit organization whose purpose

is to promote and implement solidarity initiatives in support of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people.




Director, author, television presenter, but above all a great traveler. In 1976 the first trip: at the age of 18 Emerson equips his "Ciao" moped and goes on a heroic journey alone, from Pesaro (Italy) to Marrakech. Afterwards television: the investigations on drug trafficking in Colombia for a tv program “Arms and drug” ;  the reportages of World Championship of Motorcycles and then many television projects and format, including Dreams Road, the successful and award-winning travel TV series, broadcast on Italian Tv-Rai Uno. 

Creative and passionate filmaker, Emerson has spent his life “on the road”, filming every corner of the planet. Many awards and prizes including the Gold Medal of Chamber of Deputies conferred in 2009 by the President of the Committee International Scientific of the Pio Manzù Center, Mikhail Gorbaciov.




Executive Producer, author, television presenter. Graduated in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, today Valeria is a producer, author and on-air show host of programs broadcast on Rai networks, including the original award-winning series “Dreams Road”, the successful travel tv series broadcast on RAI 1 .

She is also the author of books, the last “DreamsRoad- Viaggi per Spiriti Liberi edited by Mondadori in 2020, an unmissable travel book for all those who love run even with the thought on boundless territories.

Creative and passionate about travel, photography, motorcycle, art and design, Valeria with Emerson has traveled around the world for more than 20 years, filming, telling stories, meeting special people, discovering the beauties of our planet and experiencing freedom.

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