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Since 2007 Gekofilm has supported ROADWAY FOR OTHERS O.N.L.U.S., a non-profit organization of social utility, founded by Emerson Gattafoni and Valeria Cagnoni, an association whose purpose is to promote and implement solidarity initiatives in Italy and abroad in support of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people.



A traveling hospital for Africa

ROADWAY FOR AFRICA is a charity project and documentary journey. 

A gesture of solidarity, the gift to Senegal of a big and ultra-modern mobile hospital to provide medical assistance to rural and nomadic populations and to serve the needy in villages where health is lacking and mostly difficult to reach. ROADWAY FOR AFRICA is the "on the road" journey of Emerson Gattafoni, Valeria Cagnoni and some friends from Italy to Senegal: is a television project and a social solidarity project. Is also a journey, a reportage, a new way of understanding the television documentary, social communication. And solidarity.


ROADWAY FOR TIBET is a charity project

and documentary journey. 

Is a trip to Northern India, in Ladakh and a charity initiative in favor of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. 
Is the construction of a health center dedicated to the memory of Fosco Maraini in Choglamshar (a village of Tibetan refugees 6 km from the city of Leh) devastated by the fury of the 2010 monsoon and the gift of a unit of Mobile Clinic, an important tool of health service to the nomadic villages of Ladakh, still without basic health care. It is on the wonderful “Roof of the World” that Emerson and Valeria and a friends who have shared this project, travel on the highest roads in the world in the magnificent Ladakh, the so-called "Little Indian Tibet".

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